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Beautiful bungalow in Dartmoor

Beautiful, two bed bungalow. I love it here, but I can’t drive and it’s quite rule for me although we do have a bus at the end of the road. New windows putting in last week loft and an extra room to do whatever with, but not advised as a bedroom. Steps to the bungalow, so you will need to be Mobile. All new floors and decorated to a high standard. Huge garden front and back would like Dartmouth Looe somewhere nice near a sea if possible, but not a dealbreaker. Thank you for reading.

This property has 2 bedrooms and is a bungalow

It is located in the town of Devon

Also located in devon

Property wanted

This user is looking for a 2 bedroom bungalow

They are looking for a property in the town of Dartmouth

And county devon

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