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Hi I have a 2 bedroom house .in B688AU. Lovely house .good size gardens all fenced of and secure 2 concrete sheds with electric .and sink and water .large drive way for 2 cars ..all rooms are a good size .kitchen is big .have Fantastic neighbours. The road is quite .lovely people that live on the road .I am looking for a newish house that has a smaller garden .I am looking for newish build with a toilet down stairs .as a wheel chair can get about this is the only reason for moving .I will be very sad to leave as it's lovely here and been very happy

This property has 2 bedrooms and is a house

It is located in the town of Causeway Green

Also located in west-midlands

Property wanted

This user is looking for a 2 bedroom house

They are looking for a property in the town of Causeway Green

And county west-midlands

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